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Hello! My name is Jamie Owen. I am a State Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser in Northeast Ohio. I have been appraising residential properties in Northeast Ohio full-time since 1998. I have completed over 8,500 residential appraisals and still work full-time as an independent appraiser. I regularly perform appraisals for the following:

  • Divorce Appraisals
  • Probate Appraisals
  • Pre-Listing Appraisals
  • Tax Appeal Appraisals
  • Estate Planning Appraisals
  • Private Appraisals
  • Litigation Appraisals
  • Mortgage Lending
  • FHA Appraisals
  • Reverse Mortgage Appraisals
  • PMI Elimination Appraisals
  • Investor Appraisals
  • Rental Property Appraisals

I cover the following counties:

Cuyahoga County, Summit County, Medina County, Lake County, Geauga County, Portage County, Lorain County, and Stark County.

I also offer a home measuring and floor plan services. If you need your home measured, or you need a detailed floor plan, I can help. Please click here to be taken to that page of my main website.

Thank you for considering my valuation services! If you'd like to order an appraisal, click here, to be taken to my main website's order form page at

If you enjoy reading, please click here, to be taken to my blog at Cleveland Appraisal Blog.

If you enjoy podcasts, please click here, to be taken to my podcast at Home Value Stories.

I am located in Brecksville, OH. Give me a call today! Even if you don't need to order an appraisal, I'm happy to try and answer any questions you may have about real property valuations.

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